Today is Christ the King which marks the end of the Christian year and the great celebration of Christ being acclaimed by the church as King of Kings. Today also marks the end of our four week look at the four chapters of Ruth and this reading ends with the family line of another king, David. David of course is an ancestor of Jesus. There’s a lovely pattern here, Boaz redeems Ruth who provides an ancestor of David who is an ancestor of Jesus who redeems us all. When we look back over the whole of Ruth we see how God has guided events to reach this conclusion. What seemed impossible for Ruth and Naomi in chapter one, is delivered by chapter four.

There is a lot wrong with our church just now and there is a lot wrong in our world just now. Our situation can look as hopeless as Naomi’s did when she was widowed and left without her sons in a foreign land. We’ve seen how she struggled to survive and needed events to come together that ensured not only that she survived but that she prospered. We’ve seen Ruth stick by Naomi and support her, how she recognised the goodness of Boaz and trusted in him to help her. We’ve seen that the faith of Boaz has moved him to take action that has led to events taking place that will eventually lead to king David being born.

And that’s what we need to remember today. When we proclaim Christ is King we are saying that God is in control. God is prompting Naomi to return to Israel and prompting Ruth to remain with her. God is leading Ruth to the right field at the right time to meet the right man. Boaz is guided by God’s concern for God’s people so he acts as God and for God in all he does. We may feel we are in Moab, alone and friendless, hungry and without support. But if we trust in God’s leading we are led to the right place at the right time. If we remain true to our calling and follow God’s leading we find ourselves coming out the other end. What seemed impossible to us today is realised through God tomorrow. So today as we proclaim Christ as king may we commit ourselves anew to following Him as loyal subjects.