Worship Services

We are creating weekly online resources so you can participate in worship from your own home. Please visit our “Worship at Home Resources” page to download a worship booklet or ministers sermon.


The Uniting Church SA seeks to be an innovative, growing church proclaiming Jesus Christ, empowered by the Spirit to transform God’s world. Read More.

The Uniting Church is a young church – formed on 22 June 1977, when the Congregational, Methodist, and Presbyterian Churches united to become one. The Basis of Union is the document which affirms our Christian faith and is the guide to what is central to the life of the Uniting Church in Australia. Read the Basis of Union here.



Journeying with Jesus is our mission, vision and core.

We believe the Christian life is properly characterised as partnering Jesus in his mission to the world. We understand that we are journeying with Jesus, going where he goes, ministering where he ministers and connecting our community with his love.

Our vision for the future is that we will be ‘out there’ – a church in the community, for the community.


At Noarlunga Uniting Church, our mission is to live as ambassadors for Christ. This mission statement expresses the reason we exist as a church.

Core Values

We believe that our vision of the future will become a reality as we apply core values to everything we do as a church. We have identified five values that must permeate all our ministries and decisions we make as God’s people – these five core values are represented in the acronym ALERT:

Adapt – we believe that to engage our culture and community we must be prepared to be flexible and adaptable in the way we seek to be the church in an ever-changing world.

Lead – we believe that those who know Christ’s transforming power passionately pursue opportunities to lead in and through the body of Christ.

Engage – we believe that a missional church is always intentionally engaged with the people in our community.

Risk – we believe that our comfort and safety must be secondary to giving the Holy Spirit full control of our lives and ministries. We must be prepared to risk all for the possibility of reaching some.

Transfer – we believe that God has called us to transfer the investment of his resources (people, property and finance) toward those who are currently not experiencing a personal relationship with Jesus.

So then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, but let us be alert and self-controlled. – 1 Thessalonians 5:6


Leaders of our Congregation

Minister of the Word

Pastor Nola Gibbons
Phone: 08 8384 3868

Mobile Phone no: 0433536073



Community Minister

Rev. Ian Hunter

Phone: 0420 982 570


Note: Ian is off on Friday and Saturdays

Ian is responsible for our outreach activities with the wider community.


Other contacts:
Congregational Chairperson – TBA
Congregational Secretary – Don Hopgood: 8186 1782
Secretary Church Council – Allan Ford: 0414 684 929


Nola Gibbons

Chairperson of Congregation


Secretary of Congregation

Don Hopgood

Treasurer of Leaders Mission Council

Trevor Lloyd

Assistant Treasurer

John Burchell

Co-ordinators of the Noarlunga Uniting Church Website

 Allan Ford & Ian Hunter

Worship Ministry Team Leader

Velvy Holden

Elder for the Kaurna people who are the traditional owners of the land on which we worship

Trevor O’Brien

Office Coordinator & Property Manager  for Noarlunga Uniting Church

Ian Hunter & Sue Caddy

Secretary of Church Council

Allan Ford